March 2012

Since i was busy, so couldn’t write about Andreas Koch‘s new app called ‘DroidSheep Guard’ that helps you protect against DroidSheep and FaceNiff android application.

How DroidSheep Guard works?

DroidSheep Guard continuously monitor your ARP table and alerts you when it finds suspicious activity.Droidsheep and faceniff are popular android applications that use ARP spoofing technique to hijack all sessions traveling on Wifi networks. Using DroidSheep Guard you can configure it to check every x minute and once it found malicious activity, it will popup an alert.

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I have talked about ApacheKiller flaw in detail here with possible workaround to mitigate this flaw.

Last week, a DDoS mitigation service vendor Arbor Networks revealed a detailed report can be download from here which say,

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