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ApacheKiller flaw integrated into Armageddon’s DDoS Botnet clients

I have talked about ApacheKiller flaw in detail here with possible workaround to mitigate this flaw.

Last week, a DDoS mitigation service vendor Arbor Networks revealed a detailed report can be download from here which say,

ApacheKiller Flaw

is known as ‘The Biggest Little Internet Threat‘ by Security Analysts. It has been exploited massively and its
very hard to estimate that what is the number of servers are yet to be fixed.

Few days back, i was analyzing my blog traffic and found that ApacheKiller was the most viewed post and most of the people have downloaded the ApacheKiller bash script and python version to penetrate web servers that are still vulnerable. It is estimated that Apache is used by 400 million websites, big number?

If you are web master and still confused, how to mitigate it? I can help you with immediate workarounds.

The best thing is to update your Apache to latest version 2.4  or if you are having difficulties or not sure, you can contact me. I will make it done for you 😉 or get FREE Consultancy!

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