General News

ApacheKiller flaw integrated into Armageddon’s DDoS Botnet clients

I have talked about ApacheKiller flaw in detail here with possible workaround to mitigate this flaw.

Last week, a DDoS mitigation service vendor Arbor Networks revealed a detailed report can be download from here which say,

Penetration Testing Security Reconnaissance

SlowHTTPTest HTTP DoS Tool latest version 1.4 released

We have talked about SlowHTTPTest in detailed here, 2 days ago Shekyan released a new version, below is summary of change log.

SlowHTTPTest 1.4 release notes:

  • Added man pages as doc support
  • Some bug fixes
  • and now it can handle 64000 concurrent connections  😀 OpsS!!

You can read our previous post in detail that would help you, how to compile and use it.

Download and install SlowHTTPTest latest version :

tar -zxvf slowhttptest-1.4.tar.gz


ANTI – Android Phone Network Toolkit

ANTI Android Network Toolkit – Anti is collection of network exploration tools that help you penetrate your network right away from your android phone. ANTI useful application is developed by ZImperium LTD and they say ‘ ANTI – Penetration Made easy ‘.

ANTI.apk application is divided into two parts;

  • Application
  • Extendable plugins

How to install ANTI APK on android phone?
I’m not sure APK is available on Android Market but you can follow below tutorial to get it installed.

Penetration Testing Web Application Penetration Testing

PHP Backdoor Hookworm Stealth

HookWorm Stealth is an old PHP Backdoor just like c99Shell created by Justin Klein Keane as Proof of concept.

HookWorm Stealth provides less features than c99Shell but it’s activity can’t be track easily like c99Shell. it uses Cookies to leave no TRACE in Web server access log.

HookWorm Stealth PHP Backdoor Features :

  • Find .htaccess
  • Find open ports on remote system
  • Search for writable files or directories
  • and many more.

Download HookWorm Stealth from

When you get access of remote web server SHELL, the access log of web server will throw /index.php 200 OK status code that’s a normal good HTTP request.

To read further about HookWorm Stealth, go to the author blog

Linux Troubleshootings

convert .bin, .cue files to .iso on linux

Today i extracted one archive which contained .bin and .cue files and i was unable to play them with VLC Media Player, after doing google found it is archive similar to .iso. I convert it to ISO using bchunk utility and mount it as loop back device and .

bchunkFree utility use to convert .bin, .cue files to .iso

1. Install bchunk

On ubuntu/backtrack Linux;
aptitude install bchunk

On RHEL/CentOS Linux;
yum install bchunk

2. Convert .bin .cue to iso using bchunk

bchunk iron-lycp5etg.bin iron-lycp5etg.cue iron-lycp5etg.iso

Linux Troubleshootings

teamviewer 6/7.0.9300 as root user on linux

TeamViewer 6 or 7.0.9300 beta version can be run as root easily on backtrack or any Linux distribution including Ubuntu / CentOS 6 / RedHat by modifying the wrapper file which is instructed to not execute Team Viewer products as root.

When you run Teamviewer7 from console, you will get this error;

root@hackersgarage:~/Downloads# teamviewer7
TeamViewer: 7.0.9300
Profile: /root (root)
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS
Release: 10.04
Codename: lucid

Error: TeamViewer must not be executed as root!