find – linux command cheat sheet

Find is a Linux command use for searching a file or files in a directory hierarchy. It is help full to search for a file or directory based on name, size, type and access/modified time etc and as well as can execute command on results.

Basic Syntax for Find command :

find (name/size/type/access or modified date) ..argument ..argument

Search for file ending .conf
find /etc/ -name *.conf

Search for directories ending with *conf
find /etc/ -type d -name *conf

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dig – Linux DNS Lookup utility cheat sheet

digDomain Information Groper is a light weight Linux utility for querying DNS records. It is widely used to diagnose DNS servers, troubleshoot DNS servers, purge DNS Cache using external DNS server and dozen of great features it provides.

Here i am sharing quick cheat sheet of dig – DNS Lookup utility that every System/Network administrator should have print out at their desk.

In our examples, is a Google Public DNS Server that can be use in /etc/resolv.conf

Why to use Google Public DNS ?

If you have a DNS record with high ttl e.g 3600 seconds, your local DNS server may not purge the old record from the cache. So better you use Google public DNS server to resolve it most recent update record.


Linus Torvalds top quotes i like

Linus Torvalds, the man who created Linux Kernel is well known for his funny, creative and constructive quotes. Here are the few quotes I liked.

We all know Linux is great … it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.

The only limiting factor of the Linux operating system is its user.

If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux, it means I’ve won.

A computer is like air conditioning: it becomes useless when you open Windows.

Standards are paper. I use paper to wipe my butt every day. That’s how much that paper is worth.

Friends don’t let friends use [gcc] “-W”.

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, complain.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Software is like sex; it’s better when it’s free.

If you have heard latest quote in any conference or read about it – we can add it to this list. submit comment form.

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FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 – Facebook Profile dumper

FBPwnknown in community commonly as Facebook Profile dumper have released latest version last week FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 We have already talked about it in detail. We have also shoot FBPwn video tutorial can be viewed here

In this release there are some bug fixes, it doesn’t contain new features.

Issues fixed :

  • getting authenticated profile’s ID while logging in
  • Friend list dumping feature.
  • Adding victim’s friends.
  • Profile cloning
  • Image dumper

Download FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 from
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TakeScreenshot in BackTrack 5 Linux – Screen capturing application

BackTrack 5 Linux is world most popular penetration testing distribution it is compiled purely with Penetration testing tools. TakeScreenshot is popular image capturing application available under all Linux distribution but isn’t available under BackTrack 5.

TakeScreenShot is still available in repository in gnome-utils package, you can follow below guideline.

How to install TakeScreenShot on BackTrack 5 ?

aptitude install gnome-utils

To access application;

Applications -> Accessories -> Take Screen Shot


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GoAccess on rhel/CentOS 6 Linux – Real time Apache Log Analyzer

About GoAccess :
GoAccess is linux terminal’s real time Apache Log Analyzer and gives you interactive view of Apache access log. It is super fast and provides you real time reporting on the fly.
Currently it support Apache two standard reports 1. Combined Log Format 2. Common Log Format. You can also monitor nginx log if it is configured with Apache log format.

I have been using it for a long time on Ubuntu/BackTrack and CentOS 4. This time i am compiling it on CentOS 6 on our 64bit VPS.

Installing dependencies :
yum install glib2 glib2-devel glibc make geoip