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convert .bin, .cue files to .iso on linux

Today i extracted one archive which contained .bin and .cue files and i was unable to play them with VLC Media Player, after doing google found it is archive similar to .iso. I convert it to ISO using bchunk utility and mount it as loop back device and .

bchunkFree utility use to convert .bin, .cue files to .iso

1. Install bchunk

On ubuntu/backtrack Linux;
aptitude install bchunk

On RHEL/CentOS Linux;
yum install bchunk

2. Convert .bin .cue to iso using bchunk

bchunk iron-lycp5etg.bin iron-lycp5etg.cue iron-lycp5etg.iso

Note : .bin file will always have .cue file in same directory plus iron-lycp5etg is a sample file.

Output :

Reading the CUE file:
Track 1: MODE1/2352 01 00:00:00
Writing tracks:

1: iron-lycp5etg01.iso 472/472 MB [********************] 100

3. Mount iron-lycp5etg01.iso

mkdir /mnt/iso
mount -o loop iron-lycp5etg01.iso /mnt/iso

Now you can find all video files under /mnt/iso/

cd /mnt/iso/

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment.

One reply on “convert .bin, .cue files to .iso on linux”

I am following the instructions faithfully but I am not rendering an iso. The bin file is converted to cdr files for each of the audio tracks within the bin.

I am using ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx

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