FBPwn Beta – 0.1.5 released


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FBPwn is releasing new version very quickly. What we believe, It is because of the tool has some outstanding features that given developers a new thought, how facebook data can be accessed with different ways. Our previous post regarding FBPwn Beta – 0.1.4  was in detail about its strength and HowTo use it.

FBPwn Beta - 0.1.5 version contain new FEATURES and one FIX.

Summary from the Official ChangeLog

  • Exception is fixed for the issue
  • Use FBPwn through proxy
  • Check for new version / Update.
  • WallDumper module is also added
  • About dialog
Download  FBPwn-beta-0.1.5  here
Download FBPwn Video Tutorial  directly from

Watch FBPWn video tutorial Shoot by HG Team on youtube below ;

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Can we fetch the facebook password

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