Free Android Apps for Your Paid Service

They say that nothing in life is free – not even the free stuff. This is why certain entities require paid solutions that give them on-demand access to compute, exchange, and store data and information. These paid services have become a part of people’s daily lives and have kept evolving over the last few years.

Consumer electronics – personal computers, tablet devices, HDTVs – name it; there are tons of paid services made available to make these gadgets more useful and enjoyable. Mobile phones, especially, have become a lucrative outlet for solutions providers to deliver their services. The hundreds of smartphone apps hosted solutions providers is enough evidence to prove that even the mobile phone industry has been affected by this boom.


ANTI – Android Phone Network Toolkit

ANTI Android Network Toolkit – Anti is collection of network exploration tools that help you penetrate your network right away from your android phone. ANTI useful application is developed by ZImperium LTD and they say ‘ ANTI – Penetration Made easy ‘.

ANTI.apk application is divided into two parts;

  • Application
  • Extendable plugins

How to install ANTI APK on android phone?
I’m not sure APK is available on Android Market but you can follow below tutorial to get it installed.

Linux Troubleshootings

adb: No such file or directory

I call this Error in error, because it reports wrong error.

I got this error while i execute ./adb devices


adb: No such file or directory

Error itself is very confusing, because the file is exist there and it reports false error. Well after searching on googe, found i36 compatibility libraries are missing there which i installed it simply with apt-get.

FIX “adb: No such file or directory”

apt-get install ia32-libs

It worked great for me. Let me know if you are stuck in same trouble.