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SQL Injection on by X-NerD

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Recently we released a bulletin about X-NerD 250+ domains defacement. This time X-NerD targets PandaSecurity’s channel domain for Pakistan.

Panda Security is a well known AntiVirus Company that delivery Antivirus applications globally to million of home and business users world wide.

As usual X-NerD publishes a message at

"OoooOOPss...I am ShockeD At YouR SecuritY..S3cuR!tY L3vEL Z3r0...YOu Dont KnoW
 HOw To SecurRe Your AsS n Pr0vidinG SEcurity to 0therS...Big LauGh..."

X-NerD performed SQL injection. There is no news about server’s security breach.

Malware Analysis Penetration Testing

How to Secure your Twitter and Facebook account using BitDefender SafeGo

What is BitDefender Safego?

SafeGo is a FREE online application that helps you to scan and detect dirty profiles that is activiated to flood your twitter accounts with spam. It also take care of your timeline, keeps it filtered against malicious links.

It does same care for your facebook account. It protects you from all online threads e.g malware, spam and data exposure.

For more details, you can visit official page :

How to activate it on your twitter account?

Go to Twitter App page

Click on
Activate Protection Now

Click on
Authorize app

Your Twitter is now secured! 😛

How to activate it on your Facebook account?

Go to Facebook App page

Click on
Install App

Click on

Your Facebook account is secured too 😛

It is good approach from BitDefender to developed application for facebook & twitter accounts protection. In coming days, we are expecting same apps from other competitors.


How to get Free AVG Mobilation Pro Antivirus for Android phones

Android is a very Free Mobile Operating System from Google. Now a days it comes built-in with all smartphones. Android is a good competitor of IPhone from Apple.

Android growth is too fast but on the other hand cyber criminals are targeting it with equal pace 😀

AVG Mobilation Pro Antivirus

AVG antivirus provide some great features that includes malware, virus protection and also provide a feature for privacy protection if you lost your phone it provides remote lock feature to disable your phone and also suggest tips to close those applications which slowdown your phone performance.

Download AVG Mobilation Pro Antivirus is offering Free full version copies of AVG Mobilation Pro Antivirus.

You can download it here

Don’t ask us, how to install this App on android phone 😀