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FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 – Facebook Profile dumper

FBPwnknown in community commonly as Facebook Profile dumper have released latest version last week FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 We have already talked about it in detail. We have also shoot FBPwn video tutorial can be viewed here

In this release there are some bug fixes, it doesn’t contain new features.

Issues fixed :

  • getting authenticated profile’s ID while logging in
  • Friend list dumping feature.
  • Adding victim’s friends.
  • Profile cloning
  • Image dumper

Download FBPwn Beta – 0.1.7 from
Penetration Testing Security Reconnaissance

FBPwn Beta – 0.1.5 released

FBPwn is releasing new version very quickly. What we believe, It is because of the tool has some outstanding features that given developers a new thought, how facebook data can be accessed with different ways. Our previous post regarding FBPwn Beta – 0.1.4  was in detail about its strength and HowTo use it.

FBPwn Beta - 0.1.5 version contain new FEATURES and one FIX.

Summary from the Official ChangeLog

  • Exception is fixed for the issue
  • Use FBPwn through proxy
  • Check for new version / Update.
  • WallDumper module is also added
  • About dialog
Download  FBPwn-beta-0.1.5  here
Download FBPwn Video Tutorial  directly from 

Watch FBPWn video tutorial Shoot by HG Team on youtube below ;

Penetration Testing Security Reconnaissance

FBPwn – Facebook Profile Dumper

 What is FBPwn?

FBPWN is a crossplateform java based Facebook profile dumper developed by Information Security Analyst team from RISST, released under GPL License. This tiny but worth full application is still in beta phase but can do plenty of usefull jobs for you 🙂

How FBPwn works?

FBPwn sends requests to your facebook friends/polls and wait for the acceptance notification. Once your target(victim) accepts friend request, it dumps all info that includes everything(username,email,friends list, etc) it is visible.

What if your victim UnFriend/Delete from friend list you?

This application is super fast and it fetches data rapidly as soon victim access requests. It will dump all victim information including username, email, friend list, photos and other info. So it doesn’t matter if victim figures out it as a fake account because it is too late 😀

Crawl Facebook Contact list, profiles that contain email addresses and build a
mailing list of million emails contact by writing a small piece of bash script.

How to use FBPwn?

As we said, it is cross platform so it can be run on any operating system that have java installed. In our example, i am using it on BackTrack Linux.

cd FBPwn-beta-0.1.3

We have shoot FBPwn Video Tutorial. It covers how can you use this application. But due to codecs we could not upload it youtube. that will be posted soon. Stay tune.

Update – 15th Sep, 2011:

Sorry guys we couldn’t convert it, ofcourse we tried few times but failed :-D. So STOP sending Video tutorial REQUESTS emails.

Download FBPwn Video Tutorial  directly from