DroidSheep Guard, protection against DroidSheep and FaceNiff

Since i was busy, so couldn’t write about Andreas Koch‘s new app called ‘DroidSheep Guard’ that helps you protect against DroidSheep and FaceNiff android application.

How DroidSheep Guard works?

DroidSheep Guard continuously monitor your ARP table and alerts you when it finds suspicious activity.Droidsheep and faceniff are popular android applications that use ARP spoofing technique to hijack all sessions traveling on Wifi networks. Using DroidSheep Guard you can configure it to check every x minute and once it found malicious activity, it will popup an alert.


ANTI – Android Phone Network Toolkit

ANTI Android Network Toolkit – Anti is collection of network exploration tools that help you penetrate your network right away from your android phone. ANTI useful application is developed by ZImperium LTD and they say ‘ ANTI – Penetration Made easy ‘.

ANTI.apk application is divided into two parts;

  • Application
  • Extendable plugins

How to install ANTI APK on android phone?
I’m not sure APK is available on Android Market but you can follow below tutorial to get it installed.


How to install DroidSheep – FireSheep alternative for Android phones

What is DroidSheep?

DriodSheep is awesome Session Hijacking Android app that can be use to hijack Wifi Sessions. Currently It support Open and WEP Encrypted networks that includes WPA and WPA2 networks (PSK)

According to the author, all websites are vulnerable that includes, BTW we have tested it with Facebook 🙂

How DroidSheep works?

DroidSheep uses ARPSpoofing techniques for normal networks while DNSSpoofing is use for WPA & WPA2 encrypted networks.

What are the requirements to run DroidSheep on Android phones?

You have to make sure the following checklist that we have tested on our SamSung Galaxy S phone with Andriod 2.3.4 🙂

  • libpcap
  • arpspoof  – It can be install using Android Market
  • Your phone Must Be ROOTED in order to use this application.
  • and yes.. DroidSheep.

How to install DroidSheep ?

DroidSheep is removed from Android Market so you have to follow the tutorial in order to get it install on your Android phone.

On Android phone

  1. Open your Internet browser.
  2. Download using URL Due to large complains, it is removed. Download from here 
  3. Launch DroidSheep Application. It should popup for Super privileges, allow it.

DroidSheep Source code

Google repository  Droidsheep source code

For detail tutorial, see DroidSheep Video Tutorial below:

Update 17/03/2012 :

I heard from the community in emails that Andreas Koch removed the application from his server due to the German Law and this tool was identified as Hacking-tool.

I have hosted this application on my server and it can be download under GPL as Andreas Koch written in license log. And yes, I do not be held responsible for any damage or misuse of this tool. This is shared with intention for the Research and Students encouragement in Information Security field.

If you have any objection or complain, please report me.

Update 21/03/2012 :

Thank you all for appreciations in emails.

Since i host this application on my server, thousands of concurrent downloads of droidsheep-current.apk are processed and it is increasing now. I appreciate if you consider Retweet this post or share it on facebook 🙂 This will help us to broaden our community.

Update 26/11/2012 :

Droidsheep-current.apk is removed from our server because of many complains received by our hosting service provider. But you can still request us via request form, we can send you on email.

Since we believe this is educational purpose app and expect everyone to comply with that.