Linux Troubleshootings

Openx – configuration file is locked for security reasons

Openx is enterprise class ad inventory solution for your business. Normally I carry out its configuration from command line interface but this moment I decided to enable one plugin using UI (Web based Interface) but it failed and the following error appeared on screen:

It is not possible to edit all settings because the configuration file is locked for security reasons. If you want to make changes, you may need to unlock the configuration file for this installation first.


I tried to see all option but didn’t find a way to unlock the configuration file. Finally I found that its config file should be writable by your apache user.

To UnLock Configuration File :

chmod 666 /home/hackersgarage/public_html/var/

To Lock Configuration file back :

chmod 644 /home/hackersgarage/public_html/var/

It is recommended to lock it back when you are finished with your web based configuration.