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ApacheKiller flaw integrated into Armageddon’s DDoS Botnet clients

I have talked about ApacheKiller flaw in detail here with possible workaround to mitigate this flaw.

Last week, a DDoS mitigation service vendor Arbor Networks revealed a detailed report can be download from here which say,

Indian Hackers News

Chief Minister KPKWA Official Site hacked by ICA

Click on Image to view full version.

Cyber War between two countries Pakistan & India is again seems re-established. I remember one meeting between Pakistan Cyber Army & Indian Cyber Army where they commit to stop these attacks and utilize their skills for good.

There are many websites related to Pakistani & indian government were defaced by these two groups.

This time two people Ro0t_d3vil & StRangeR from ICA involved in defacement of Chief Minister Khyber PukhtunKhwa Official Goverment website

We tried to check the site security and it looks really funny.

HG Analysis :

That’s from us. Stay tune for more updates.

News Pakistani Hackers

SQL Injection on by X-NerD

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Recently we released a bulletin about X-NerD 250+ domains defacement. This time X-NerD targets PandaSecurity’s channel domain for Pakistan.

Panda Security is a well known AntiVirus Company that delivery Antivirus applications globally to million of home and business users world wide.

As usual X-NerD publishes a message at

"OoooOOPss...I am ShockeD At YouR SecuritY..S3cuR!tY L3vEL Z3r0...YOu Dont KnoW
 HOw To SecurRe Your AsS n Pr0vidinG SEcurity to 0therS...Big LauGh..."

X-NerD performed SQL injection. There is no news about server’s security breach.

General News, are down due to a security breach

Once again, and sub-domains have been taken offline for a possible security breach that is discovered on 8th September, 2011.

News bulletin from says in the best interest of Linux community and security precautions  we have taken all domains offline. Initial analysis shows this breach is connected to intrusion on

Recommendations for the users :

Change your password, if you are using the same password  on other sites.

Services affected :

  • Open Printing
  • Linux Mark
  • Linux Foundation events.
Note : Kernel repositories are not affected. It is safe.

We will update you further, as soon we have further announcements from

News Pakistani Hackers

250+ domains hacked by X-NerD

X-NerD identify his self as a part of Pakistan Cyber Army. X-NerD has defaced many websites that includes blogs, forums, brand domains. This time the attacked seems to be RFI/LFI type.

A sample page can be seen on

You can see complete list of domains on pastbin

Google Bulletin for Iranian Users to change their gmail password

Google suggested all users that access gmail accounts from Iran. Google broadcasted this news on GoogleOnlineSecurity Official blog.

Last month Google updated a similar thread on blog where MITM (Man in the middle attack) was attempted.

Some precautions recommended by Google is as follows

  • Change your Gmail password.
  • Verify your account recovery options. e.g second mail address, phone numbers, and other info that is filled to use in account recovery time.
  • Review websites that is allowed to access your account.
  • Check for suspicious forwarders/remote smtp.
  • Be smart to warnings/popups appears.