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Emergency DOS or DDOS stopping script for Linux

DDOS Attack
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If you are under a DOS or DDOS attack and running out of your mind or don’t know what to do, use this script to get ride of this panic situation.

DoS or DDoS is an attempt to make a victim website unavailable by creating hundreds to hundreds thousands of established connections that overflow victim resources and makes a website unavailable to the genuine users/visitors.

Short and useful slide that definite this script can be view on slideshare

You can run script to mitigate a low level ddos attack some how while and can stop DOS attack completely. This script is available under GPL license from the author.

How to mitigate DoS or DDoS attack?

Stop or flush other rules for now :

service apf stop
iptables -F
mv antiDDoS.txt
chmod u+x

Some other useful commands to analyze the type of attacks :

netstat -antp | grep ESTABLISHED
netstat -antp | grep -i sync
netstat --help

If you are still not able to mitigate the attack, we can help you! 😀 at

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This is included in the script and would limit it.

iptables -N SYN_FLOOD
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --syn -j SYN_FLOOD
iptables -A SYN_FLOOD -m limit --limit 2/s --limit-burst 6 -j RETURN
iptables -A SYN_FLOOD -j DROP

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