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Network Miner 1.1 released

Network Miner 1.1 is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool that can be used to capture packets in order to detect sessions, plain text logins(user,password), hosts, open ports, certificates and dozen of other features that can be only viewed when you install it. It also support Offline analysis of PCap files that i captured using different tools/Operating systems.

Our previous post about Network Miner 1.0 can be viewed for the detail description. How ever this post is about Network Miner 1.1 release.


Network Miner 1.1 ChangeLog Summary :

  • Google Analytic’s parameters (Screen resolution,language,browser and other info)  in Network Miner under ‘Host Details’.
  • Drag n Drop pcap files directly, make sure Networkminer 1.1 is running 😀
  • Provide PCap files as a arguments using CLI interface.
  • Improvements for SMB/CIFS and NetBIOS.
  • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) frames Support in PCap data files.
  • Stability for load PCap data files.
Download :