ANTI – Android Phone Network Toolkit

ANTI Android Network Toolkit – Anti is collection of network exploration tools that help you penetrate your network right away from your android phone. ANTI useful application is developed by ZImperium LTD and they say ‘ ANTI – Penetration Made easy ‘.

ANTI.apk application is divided into two parts;

  • Application
  • Extendable plugins

How to install ANTI APK on android phone?
I’m not sure APK is available on Android Market but you can follow below tutorial to get it installed.

This application works only on ROOTED android phones

1. Download from using your phone browser.
2. Go to Downloads
3. Click on ANTI.Apk, authorize and install it.

How to use ANTI – Android Network Toolkit?
When you run ANTI, it will connect to your Wifi AP and create map for your network. You can select a device and scan for different services.

ZImperium offered Basic version as FREE with following limited features :

  • Scanning
  • OS Detection*
  • Traceroute
  • Port Connect
  • WIFI Monitor
  • HTTP Server

If you purchased paid version which categorized as Silver, Gold and Platinum you will get access to below features :

  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Remote Exploits
  • Plugins
  • Support
  • Exploit Credits (For Report or Attack)

To read more about licensing, visit ZImperium LTD web.